Why is Physical Education Important? Get The Answer and Strategies That Work!!

Many teachers ask - "why is physical education important?"

Physical education is an essential part of student education.

Teachers may feel uncomfortable teaching physical education in elementary school.

They don't know what to do for 30 - 40 minutes in the gym/auditorium where it takes place. Some even treat it like the plague.

That's why I've written two great pages. The first describes some very fun

physical education activities , great for warming up and cooling down, at the start and end of the gym period.

The second page has some fun

physical education games that will have your students asking for more.

But, before you read these pages, be sure to read my page on setting up

gym teams and make thing easier for yourself.

As well, having the right supplies and equipment can be so vital. You can do so much more and teach so many skills with the proper physical education supplies Be sure to read my list.

I personally happen to LOVE gym or Physical Education (P.E.). I usually had 2 periods of P.E. a week, but I always squeezed in an extra period every week.

In many of the schools where I visit or supply teach, they have D.P.A. - Daily Physical Activity. Each class has a bin of physical education supplies/equipment.

For example, different sizes of balls,skipping ropes, frisbees, badminton racquets & birdies, etc. Each day a 20 minute time slot is allocated to D.P.A. throughout the year.

During the nicer weather months the physical education activities take place outdoors.

During the winter months, other physical education games are played, such as Musical Chairs, Simon Says, Freeze Tag.

A lot of teachers may wonder - if the kids go out and play at recess, after lunch, before and after school - then why is physical education important?

What are the benefits of physical education? Well ... let me count the ways and I'm sure you'll see the importance of physical education:

1. The students are in a different element - no desks, chairs, text and note books, pencils/pens, homework - so basically freedom. (and that is why very particular rules must be set which will be different from the classroom rules you set - but don't make too many.)

2. It develops good sportsmanship and co-operation skills (which can carry on into adulthood).

3. Obviously provides good exercise. Research has shown that obesity in children is on the rise and is a serious problem, causing problems such as junior diabetes, heart problems and other health issues.

4. Physical education develops motor skills as well as qualities such as mental alertness, improves concentration and attention span and even improve classroom behavior.

5. Allows children that don't excel academically but are good athletically to shine in front of their peers and thus build their self-esteem and enjoy coming to school.

6. Of all the purposes and objectives of physical education, the #1 answer to me to the question of "why is physical education important?" is that it's so much FUN!!

You get to see your students in a different light and vice- versa. I would say that 98% of your students LOVE gym (P.E.). If it's canceled for some reason - Oh my God! You'd think someone died..

But, YOU have to enjoy P.E. too - it's not a death sentence.

If you don't know how or what to teach, your curriculum guide is a good resource or ash other teachers. You can also take extra courses (professional educational courses). I did and got my physical education specialist certification.

Now don't forget to read my pages on physical education activities and physical education games , as well as my page on physical education supplies for your primary and junior grade students.

I hope I have now answered the question "Why is physical education important?". With all these benefits of physical education, don't you and your students deserve this wonderful opportunity!

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