Meet Honey Krumholz
A Motivated and Successful Teaching Professional

Who is Honey

Hello, my name is Honey Krumholz, B.A., B.Ed., and I recently retired from "the best profession ever", being an elementary school teacher for over 30 years.

I have taught all grades from kindergarten through Grade 6 in 7 different schools - with the Toronto District School Board in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

I am married and my husband and I raise our 3 great kids in Thornhill, a suburb of Toronto.

After my children entered public school, I could personally relate to my students' parents differently - being a teacher and a parent I could see where they were coming from, could feel their joys and pains and often would discuss my kids with them, if and when the conversation moved in that direction (but that's a whole other topic for discussion at a later time).

What I Do Now

I am now a college supervisor for a prominent teacher's college.

My job is to oversee many student teachers from this college. I review their lesson plans, observe their teaching methods and teaching strategies and evaluate their teaching knowledge and performance in collaboration with their associate teachers.

I take it upon myself to support and guide them, sharing my unique and proven style of teaching that I have found truly successful throughout my career.

I also present a seminar each year on my teaching strategies to students in their last year of their concurrent (4 year University degree and a teaching degree) program at York University (in Toronto, Ontario Canada) during their annual Faculty of Education conference.

My teaching strategies are based upon my own teaching and college supervisor experience, in consultation with numerous teaching colleagues, new and prospective teachers that I have mentored, and student teachers that I have recently evaluated.

I've consolidated this information in easy to read pages that I hope you will find user-friendly and highly beneficial.

Achieving My Dream

Ever since I was 9 years old, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher and throughout my teens and early adulthood I did anything and everything having to do with children - from babysitting to camp counselor to leadership courses to volunteering in schools.

Click here and read my story and experiences about why and how to become a teacher. I hope it motivates you to join the best profession in the world.

I LOVE that I am still in the teaching profession - of course in a different capacity - but with "one foot in the classroom".

By mentoring new teachers directly and indirectly through this website I am still growing personally and professionally and yet I sure don't miss doing those "report cards" (ha! ha!)

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