Teacher Testimonials to Honey Krumholz and Priceless Teaching Strategies.

Over the past 33+ years, as well as being an elementary school teacher in both primary and junior divisions, I have mentored many new and inexperienced teachers, and been a presenter/guest lecturer to student teachers at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I am presently a college supervisor for Medaille College where I evaluate and pass along my teaching strategies to student teachers during their practice teaching placements.

Please read some of the comments below from several of my teaching colleagues, student teachers, teachers I have mentored and other education professional who have been gracious enough to review my website.

I taught with Honey Krumholz for more than 10 years until her retirement from the teaching profession. She was an exceptionally talented teacher who provided her students with a stimulating, challenging and fun program.

Honey's incredible classroom management skills ensured that even the most unruly students were integrated successfully into all activities, becoming eager and engaged learners.

Her joyful, positive approach to learning and her absolute love for teaching were passed on to many younger teachers over the years who were lucky enough to be mentored and encouraged by this wonderful teacher.

Her wealth of information, ideas and helpful tips will be beneficial to any classroom teacher whether new or experienced.

Karen Owens
G.B. Little P.S.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is a "priceless" web site. How clever! Honey makes you feel so comfortable and everything is set up clearly; valuable information for anyone.

Maria Weimer, M.S. Ed.
Co-ordinator, Office of Student Teaching
/Certification of Medaille College
(Teachers College)
Buffalo, New York, USA

I'm very impressed!
Very professional website!

The most valuable aspect, in my opinion, is that everything is extremely practical and realistic.

Also, I appreciate that you present teaching reality boldly, without pulling punches.

John Zupancic
Retired Principal
Toronto Catholic Board

"When you need advice about teaching--classroom management, organization, understanding curriculum and students, who are you going to call?" -- Honey Krumholz!

Who better to answer your questions than a very experienced teacher who continues to put her skill and passion for teaching to good use for the benefit of both new teachers and experienced teachers alike.

As a former education course director and a current new teacher mentor, I conduct workshops for new and experienced teachers, and I recommend this website to anyone seeking informed, inspired and important tips for good teaching practice. Need to know? Honey can help!

Anne Porretta, Educator

As a new teacher I am always looking for guidance from more experienced professionals and Honey's website provides me with so many valuable ideas. It's easy to navigate through and highlights the key things new teachers like myself always wonder.

As a kindergarten teacher I find that strong parent teacher links are vital. Honeys' website has some great strategies for effective parent teacher ideas. As the new school year approaches and nervousness sets in, I really liked reading her FAQ page about the "first week of school".

Thanks Honey for pointing out how important mentors are. I could have not gone through my first year without one. Having resources like this on the web is a great tool to share years of teaching expertise and provide accessible mentoring to all.

Elyssa Leventhal
Kindergarten Teacher
Years of Teaching : 2
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello, my name is Josie and I am a recent teacher's college graduate. I had the privilege of having Honey as my college supervisor and mentor. The four months that I worked with her taught me so much.

I am so excited to see that she has put her "priceless teaching strategies" out there for everyone to benefit from, she really has some fantastic ideas that are relevant for every classroom.

Honey truly is an inspiration for every new and aspiring teacher, with this amazing website every teacher has the opportunity to be phenomenal and to be their best everyday.

Josie Capone
Catholic School Board
York Region, Ontario, Canada

Honey has been a tremendous help with my development as a teacher. She showed me how to effectively manage a classroom and teach the curriculum in organized and interesting ways. She is also able to take any situation and break it down into something manageable.

Honey has been and still is an excellent mentor and her suggestions and advice are invaluable.

David Shafman
Grade 4 Teacher
Years of Teaching : 4
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It is refreshing to see a site that offers new teachers quick and easy access to helpful, practical, and easy-to-understand information and advice. I wish that priceless-teaching-strategies.com was there for me when I was just starting out in my own teaching career.

Congratulations Honey on sharing your wisdom, experience, insight and knowledge with new teachers throughout the world!

Stevan Krajnjan
Special Education Teacher
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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