Back To School Ideas To
Start The Year Right!!

Thinking about back to school ideas - can you believe it? It just feels like yesterday that you had the whole summer ahead of you.

Anyways, .... if we must! I always did a lot of preparation for the beginning of the year. It's so crucial to start off on the right foot.

Being prepared and organized allows your students to realize that you are ready for school as they should be. Hopefully then, school begins in a positive light and fingers crossed, continues throughout the year.

Even before school begins I make my list of back to school ideas. You want your class to look inviting and enticing, so classroom displays and the classroom layout are very important.

You have to decide how you want your students desks organized - in rows, in groups (my favourite), horseshoe, etc.

If you have a carpet, couch, reading area, work table, student computer, books, games, etc., where will these be placed? Empty bulletin boards with borders and titles, are they ready for school work?

Read my pages on classroom displays and classroom layout to get more details.

Other items on my school ideas list include back to school supplies.

Now, depending on the socio-economic background of your school, your students may or may not have their own supplies; e.g., pencils, pens, ruler, erasers, markers, etc.

In the schools where I taught, each class had a budget, and in June I ordered a variety of back to school supplies for my next class in September. Read my page to see what is essential to have and why.

Classroom rules and routines were also on my back to school ideas list. To me, these are crucial as they set the tone of the class from the beginning.

What rules should you have and how many? How strict should you be in enforcing and maintaining these rules? These questions and more will be answered when you read my page on classroom rules . Check it out - it's essential for you and your kids.

An introduction letter to parents is also part of my back to school ideas. Right from the get go, communication with parents is sooo important. You should be the one to initiate it. Now you may meet some parents the first few days of school, especially if you are teaching a primary grade.

The introduction letter to parents is given to my students at the end of the first week. You may want to email the parent depending on what the protocol of your school is. Of course you know to NEVER use or give out your own personal email address. some of the parents will never leave you alone - be careful.

Back to school games are another very useful item on my back to school ideas list.

These games are geared to help your students get to know each and you better. They're fun, involving a lot of interaction allowing you to develop more insight into you class more quickly without them realizing it. You can participate as well (which i love to do).

Getting to know their likes, dislikes, their needs and what they are like as people will help you in planning your programme for the year.

Back to school worksheets finishes up my list of back to school ideas.

As I mentioned, it's imperative to get to know your students quickly and well, especially before Curriculum Night/Parents' Night/Meet the Parents (whatever your school calls that first meeting)in September.

Inevitably, the parents ask you (at the meeting) "what's my child like in class?" and "how is he/she doing so far?". Having your students complete the back to school worksheets will help you answer these questions & more professionally, efficiently and with a confident smile.

I truly hope all these ideas will help you get your school year with your new students off to a great start. Be positive, be strong, keep a smile on your face and really enjoy!!!

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