Fun Back To School Worksheets.
A Great Start To The School Year!!

Back to school worksheets are excellent tools to help you with the process of getting back into the swing of things.

Going back to school is very hard on everyone - the students as well as the teacher. Everyone needs to get re-energized and ready to start again. Here are some fun and informative back to school worksheets that can help.

It was vital for me and I'm sure you feel the same, to get to know my students quickly and well, so that you know what and how they think and what they are all about - which ones will be independent workers and who will need your immediate help or constant assistance.

With these back to school worksheets, you can choose to share with the whole class, in groups or partners or not at all. It's up to you and your students.

1. Very Important Person (VIP) Worksheet

This is the first of my back to school worksheets. This single page outlines essential facts about each student and provides some interesting insights as well.

You would be surprised how many students, even juniors, don't know their phone numbers. Everything is on speed dial - just push a button.

You can also find out about each student from the various "favourites" they choose and what they want to share with you at the bottom of this form. (I keep this worksheet and refer to it, especially to know when their birthdays are - we celebrate as a class).

You can either create a VIP certificate on the computer or buy them at a school supply store such as Scholastics or Scholar's Choice. Even junior students appreciate and secretly love these certificates.

To piggyback onto this worksheet, I included a phrase on either the VIP certificate or gave another certificate that was computer generated. The phrase said "Name,you were a star the first week of school" or "Great first week of school Name", "You were wonderful Name, the first week of school".

You can give the VIP certificate the first day of school and the other one at the end of the first week. I just placed it in the students' agendas without telling them.

Here's the VIP Worksheet.

2. Interest Inventory

Another one of my back to school worksheets is "Interest Inventory".

I usually give this double sided page during the first week. The questions are more thought provoking and it gets the students to think outside the box. Having to explain "the why" in their answers, makes them write more than one or two words.

On this worksheet, you can also see how the students form sentences and what their spelling and grammar are like, even though you're not marking it.

Again, I keep this worksheet and refer to it later on in the year to check on certain questions, e.g., favourite and worst subjects, working alone or in groups, and who has remained friends with who.

Here's page 1 of the Interest Inventory worksheet .

Here's page 2 of the Interest Inventory worksheet .

3. Book Questionnaire

Since Language Arts/Literacy is HUGE in any school, school board or district, another one of my back to school worksheets is focused on "Books". I usually create a "Books Questionnaire".

The list really helps you when you're doing a novel study, when your class goes to the library to choose a book and they respond "I don't know what book to get", create a mini library in your class or when your school has a book fair and the students have money to buy a book or two and don't know what to buy.

Obviously the worksheet is a great reference tool and is kept accessible at my finger tips. I also share my answers orally with my class.

Here's the Book Questionnaire worksheet .

4. Personal Change

Not all back to school worksheets have to be given out the first week of school. I usually gave out the "Personal Change" worksheet during the first month of school.

This worksheet is geared towards the junior students. However, changing some of the wording and decreasing the number of things from 8 to perhaps 4, will be more in line with grade 2 or 3 students. They also have ideas and opinions and may want to share or express them.

My students appreciate it when I share my personal changes with them as well.

Here's the Personal Change worksheet .

These worksheets are great for you and your students to get to know each other but don't forget to read my page on

back to school games as well.

In addition to the back to school worksheets please have a look at my self esteem worksheets. These worksheets can be done later on in September or October as the students become more comfortable with you and each other.

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