Classroom Games Serve Many Purposes.
Here's How to Use Them!!

Classroom games especially educational games are a necessity.

Students want, love and need free time. You can even use them as a class reward.

Students need to socialize inside the class with their peers - not think or worry about their school work, their marks or work that needs to be completed.

Depending on the school and/or the school board, most teachers get some money ($100 or more) to spend on educational games and classroom activities. I always ask my students what games they wanted in their classroom.

Try not to choose classroom board games that have a lot of pieces (they'll get lost) or take too long to play. Clearly educational games that are fun, require thinking and take only a short amount of time to play are the best.

Click on the links and banners below and read about several different types of classroom games that my students and I loved to play.

1. Educational Games For Kids that are not only fun but will also give them a genuine love for learning.

2. Learning math facts doesn't need to be boring. Read about some of my simple, and fun classroom math games that your students will love and have them asking you for more!

3. Motivational and team building games. For example, what I call my

"Getting to Know You" games that are a very enjoyable, and non-stressful way of introducing teacher to students, students to teacher, and new students to each other.

I played these games with my students at the beginning of the school year so that I could learn my students' names and we could all learn a little bit more about each other.

Another one of my favorite back to school classroom games that I usually show my students on the first day of school. It cuts the ice and brings about enjoyment.

Here's how it goes - (I do this puzzle on the board with my class.)

1. Ask - how many days in a year - 365.

2. Ask - if you sleep 8 hours a night, how many days would that be - 122 - leaving 365 - 122 = 243.

3. Ask - how many Saturdays and Sundays you don't go to school - 104 - leaving 243 - 102 = 139.

4. Ask - how many summer holidays not including Saturdays or Sundays - 70 - leaving 139 - 70 = 69.

5. Ask - how many other holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) - 25 - leaving 69 - 25 = 44.

6. Ask - other days not in school (P.D. days, Thanksgiving, Victoria Day, etc.) - 14 - leaving 44 - 14 = 30.

7. Ask - if you eat 2 hours a day, how many days would that be - 30 - leaving 30 - 30 = 0 days left.

Of course, I then ask them "If there are "0" days left of school, what are we doing here?"

My students loved it. Include it as one of your back to school ideas and have some fun with it.

4. Classroom party games that can be played at various party occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter,etc. as they occur throughout the school year. Another great source for team building and student motivation.

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