Articles on Teaching Strategies.
Vital Tips For All Teachers!!

Articles on teaching strategies can incorporate many different teaching strategies: curriculum, student motivation, classroom management (discipline), etc., etc., etc.

However I have written a variety of pages which encompass different components of teaching. The list of teaching strategies cover different aspects of dealing with staff and students, you as a teacher, tips, ideas, suggestions, problems that arise and possible easy solutions. The articles on teaching strategies include:

1. Teaching School Manners - School manners, don't just include words, it's an attitude, co-operation, being aware of other peoples' feelings. Perhaps manners and proper etiquette are not learned at home or the parents don't feel it's important. Then it's up to us as educators to teach school manners, continually reinforcing them and maintaining them in our classroom and throughout the school.

2. The Ethics in Decision Making - Teachers get involved in many different types of decision making throughout the day. It's important that we consider the ethics in decision making. Read this page to understand the approaches you should take.

3. Achieving Professionalism - The one absolute truth is - to be successful in any situation (problems included), you as a teacher MUST respond professionally rather than taking it personally. You must keep professionalism in teaching in mind at all times. It will automatically increase your successes even in the worst situations.

4. Positive Teacher - Research does reveal that successful people build upon their strengths, not their weaknesses. Let's look at some ways that we can say or write to our students and their parents to build upon the positives students are demonstrating in the classroom. Never under estimate the power of a kind word or deed.


Throw Away Your Red Pencil/Pen - Marking in red clearly indicates to many students that they haven't measured up and there's the mistake - when it comes to helping students achieve children/people are motivated by success, not failure. You will discover that this will be the biggest motivator.

6. Setting Priorities - A teacher must establish priorities and are forced to do so. Here lie the pros and cons. When we establish priorities, we need to be aware of what happens when we do. Always keep in mind the benefits and dangers of the priorities you set.

I believe that you will find these articles on teaching strategies informative and helpful, providing priceless teaching strategies that are easy to implement.

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