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Want some classroom party ideas? My friends and colleagues know that I'll find any excuse to have a party, a celebration, whether its in my teaching or personal life, it doesn't matter.

I'm sure you can easily understand that classroom parties are a great way to develop student motivation in the classroom.

If you plan it right, you can have different types of parties several times a year. Be sure to include some of my classroom party games as well.

Keep in mind that you don't have to have food at every classroom party. But when you do, you need to find out about any food allergies that your students may have (most Ontario elementary schools are peanut free).

Having a pot luck instead of just having junk food is a terrific classroom party idea. Students can bring in veggies and dip, salads, fruit, etc. It may be a little bit more work for you to organize, but your kids may not get a big sugar high and it will be easier to control their classroom behaviour.

It is a very good idea to send a letter home at the beginning of the year (see my Parent Teacher Communication page) and include a section asking parents to let you know if their child has any allergies (food or other). You should also bring it up during your first parent teacher conference.

You can get your party ideas from the different seasons, holidays and celebrations that occur throughout the year.

Two classic classroom party ideas that can be used and played at any celebration are Musical Chairs and Limbo. You have all the equipment you need in your classroom - chairs, music (radio, CD or just singing) and a meter/yard stick or broom stick.

Musical Chairs

A common game that everyone knows, but if you don't, here's how it goes.

1 Let's say 10 kids play this game - you need 10 chairs sitting back to back, making two rows.

2. Students walk around the chairs continuously. As music plays you remove one of the chairs.

3. When you stop the music, each student must find a chair to sit in - the one who doesn't is eliminated from the game.

Repeat steps 1-3 until only 2 students and 1 chair remain. When the music stops this time, the student who can sit in the chair wins.

Repeat the game with 10 new students.


Another well known game - Have 2 students hold each end of a stick, above their heads first. Play some music (if you wish).

Now the rest of the students must walk (forward) under the stick. Once everyone has done that, have the 2 students lower the stick a little (to their head) and again everyone walks under.

Repeat lowering the stick and when a student cannot walk under the stick without touching it, they're out of the game.

It gets really tricky when the stick is at the knees.

Both games can be played at any grade level and at any age.

Click on the highlighted items below to read about more of my party ideas and classroom party games that I use during each month.

* September - Get to know your students at the beginning of the new school year by playing my "Getting to Know You" party games. It can be a very enjoyable and non-stressful way of introducing teacher to students, students to teacher, and new students to each other.

* October - Have a fabulous time with your students by incorporating my Halloween classroom activities and party games into your daily routines during this month.

* December - Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa classroom activities and party games a terrific way to end the year - presents for everyone, food, games, laughter and great fun.

* February - Break up the "regular" day-to-day routines and motivate your students with these great valentine classroom party ideas. I hope your kids have fun doing these activities and playing these games.

You never know, they may come up with some other classroom party ideas.

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