Stress Relief For Teachers is a Must.
Here Are My Suggestions!!

Stress relief for teachers is a must to ease stress anxiety and stress depression!!

Obviously, there are several causes of teacher stress; such as, certain parents, administration, report cards, behavioural students, etc.etc.

Whatever the stress situation is, I hope that by following my teaching strategies that are described below, you can reduce some of the stress.

Teachers have a huge responsibility, having been entrusted with the well being, discipline and not to mention, education of a classroom full of children.

Your satisfaction in teaching can be greatly increased by improving your ability to handle teacher stress.

Stress is a part of everyday life that is not only normal but also essential. However prolonged stress becomes distress and eventually takes its toll.

The effects of stress are many and contribute to a large variety of illnesses from headaches and stomach aches to cancer and heart problems. Bi-products of stress can include: withdrawal, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, absenteeism from work,etc.

You ability to deal with stress by applying some stress relief for teachers' strategies are a major factor in determining the quality of life you lead and the age you die.

As a teacher, there are a number of steps that you can take to relieve or reduce job pressures inside the classroom.

* Try to work in a school where you feel valued.

* Be prepared and extremely organized.

* Become a competent classroom manager.

* Avoid negative situations and people.

* Make time for yourself, e.g. massage therapy, coffee with a friend, etc.

* Establish a good rapport with colleagues and support staff.

* Use a "time out" system for your students and yourself.

* Establish bench marks for your students - teach your chosen objectives according to the curriculum.

* Learn to recognize and appreciate your successes.

* Think about your classroom:

- Is it an inviting environment? - Is it success oriented? - Do your students feel wanted and appreciated? - Do you feel respected and appreciated by them?

Your classroom layout is important to help motivate and stimulate your students. A classroom that is comfortable, friendly and colorful creates a very positive learning and social environment for your students. The atmosphere you create definitely affects the amount of stress that exists.

By encouraging students to assume responsibility, their involvement, commitment and motivation increases. Bi-products of increased responsibility include a more inviting classroom, greater productivity and decreased stress.

If you are run down and worn out, your ability to cope with teacher stress can be severely hampered. Outside the classroom, here are some stress management techniques that you can use to relieve stress.

* Physical fitness is of utmost importance in dealing with stress. Exercise increases the blood flow to vital organs and delivers more oxygen to the brain. This enables you to think more clearly and cope with the stresses you encounter in teaching and life itself.

* Poor nutrition can have devastating effects on your body and severely limit your ability to cope with stress. Follow a well balanced and nutritional diet and limit your intake of sugar, soft drinks, coffee, tea, cookies, etc.

* Get a good night's sleep and maintain a regular schedule, avoid naps. Alcohol and coffee affect your sleep patterns.

* Try different relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga and other breathing techniques. Read my tips on breathing and relaxation techniques.

* Take charge of your time. By managing to utilize your time better you can increase your effectiveness and therefore decrease your stress level.

Read my page and learn about some of the many ways to manage yourself and manage your time wisely.

Discipline, or lack of it, is also a major contributor to stress levels. Establishing classroom rules can prevent many discipline problems and help to achieve stress relief for teachers.

Stress is part of life so teachers will always have their conflicts and anxiety in the classroom. It's normal.

Stress relief for teachers can be achieved by finding alternatives and making adjustments.

By trying not to take ourselves and others too seriously, and by keeping our sense of humor, we can cope with many of life's problems.

All we, as teachers, can do is try our best ... and hopefully make a difference!

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