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Need to find answers to some frequently asked questions or do you have one or two of your own questions?

I believe that it's very important that my visitors have the opportunity to ask their questions, provide their comments and opinions, and talk about their experiences.

With that in mind I've created this page that covers questions that are frequently asked.

Ask your questions and I will provide my suggestions based on some of the teaching strategies that I have used over the past 33+ years as an elementary school teacher, mentor to young teachers and student teacher supervisor.

I also invite other teaching professionals to write about some of the teaching strategies that they have used. Then if I feel that it would be of value to my visitors, I'll be happy to add to my site, giving you credit as well if you wish.

If you have a teaching strategy that you would like to share please

submit your teaching strategy here. As we share our experiences with teaching professionals around the globe, we will be helping new and inexperienced teachers become more successful and motivated teachers as they come to realize what a wonderful and rewarding profession, teaching is.

If you have a question that you would like answered please fill in the form below.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions from other visitors that have been asked, along with my answers. Perhaps you'll see some of the same questions that you have had on your mind.

How To Manage The First Stressful Week of School.

Honey, my classroom is all set up thanks to your suggestions on classroom layout ideas and classroom bulletin boards. But, what can I actually do the first week of school?....

Handling Parent Interruption During Classroom Time.

Honey, what do I say and do to a parent, usually a mother, who appears at my door with a concern, ....

Parent Interviews - No Stress When You're Well Prepared.

Writing report cards was very stressful but I was terrified of the first term parent interviews. I didn't know what to expect....

Complaints Against Teachers Are Very Stressful Situations

I have been teaching for 10 years and I have recently had a "formal complaint" filed against me. A parent said that I.....

Teacher Yelling is a Common Parent Complaint.

I had several complains to the principal against me that I shout at the kids.....

Being a Substitute Teacher Is Not Easy.

Sometimes I get to the school where I'm substituting for the day, getting there just on time or a few minutes early.

Looking over the teacher's lesson plans (day book) for the day, I realize ....

Respect For Teachers

I need to complain about students lack of respect for teachers and parents making making unproven accusations based on past history...

Home Schooling Kindergarten Children

Honey, part of my reason for homeschooling my son was I KNEW he would be benched every other day and miss out on recess....

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