What You Can Do About
Teacher Yelling Complaints!!

Complaints against teacher yelling are somewhat common!

Here is a question that I received from "N" and my answer to her about parents complaining about her yelling at their child.

I had several complains to the principal against me that I shout at the kids and condescence them all the time. Their child is in tears everyday because they do not like the way the class situation is.

I admit at times I do subtly tell kids that they need to focus on their work, but I do not shout, I have a loud voice and occasionally raise it if kids aren't listening.

My principal seems to believe all this and has asked me to reflect on it and observe others. My style needs to change. What advice can you give me.


Dear N,

I have experienced what you have - an unsupportive principal and I as well have a loud voice. Your students must be able by now to distinguish your loud voice from a yelling voice.

Some situations do arise when you need to yell. However your kids must know you mean business when you use that tone of voice. When a teacher yells A LOT, the students tend to tune it out!

A few things you may want to try if you are comfortable with it:

1. Have your principal come in and informally observe the class and that particular student.

2. Have a staff member (who you can trust) come in and observe.

3. Tape the various lessons - a little cassette tape on your desk and not telling the class you have it on. Sometimes that can be an eye opener.

4. Document the particular child and what he/she is doing when he/she claims you are screaming at them.

I do sympathize with you. I hope my suggestions can help you. I wish you the best.

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