Teacher Student Relationships
Are Really Important!!

Teachers must build strong and successful teacher student relationships based on their own personalities and teaching styles.

Positive, encouraging, honest teacher student communication and teacher student interaction showing mutual respect between teacher and students in your classroom and all students in your school is so vital on so many levels.

Showing interest and caring for your students will create a trusting and genuine bond with them and in most cases they will reciprocate, establishing a win-win situation for both student and teacher.

Establishing this trust and bond with your students is so crucial in the teaching profession, it can make or break the relationships with your students and can also affect the strength of the parent teacher communication.

Strengthen your own relationships with your students in several key areas by reading the pages that I've outlined below and incorporating some of my teaching strategies:

1. Use a variety of classroom teaching methods to keep your students motivated and challenged - lecturing all the time becomes monotonous and students lose interest.

2. Enhance your classroom control and encourage your students to think for themselves, contribute to class discussions and build their self confidence and self esteem by implementing some of my verbal communication teaching strategies into your day-to-day routines and lessons.

3. My non verbal communication teaching techniques can be very effective in improving classroom management and discipline and creating a respectful and positive classroom environment!

4. Motivating students is key to driving them to define and achieve their future dreams and goals. Helping motivate students is one of the most challenging, and also rewarding, parts of being a teacher. Learn more ways to improve students' learning and motivation by reading my many pages on different ways to increase student motivation.

5. Computers in the classroom have a tremendous upside. They're a great teaching and motivational tool. Universities and colleges are already leveraging computers and technology by offering online courses for instance.

Read my many teaching strategies on how they can be used to your students great advantage in our evolving technology oriented world.

I know there's a lot to read and learn in these different sections, but I can guarantee that if you follow many of my suggestions, you will greatly strengthen your teacher student relationships during the year.

Your students will look back to the year they spent with you and most will agree that it was the best year in elementary school that they've ever had!

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