Classroom Management
It Can Make You or Break You!!

Classroom Management - What Is It? That is such a broad question, but what a HUGE and CRUCIAL one!

It encompasses sooo much and whether you speak to teachers in primary, junior or intermediate levels, you will get a varying degree of classroom management philosophies. It clearly depends on the teacher and what works best for his/her students.

From the start and throughout my teaching career, my own class management ideas changed and depending upon the school background (culture), the grade, administration, and my students.

Your own management skills will evolve and improve and so enhance your teaching techniques and teaching style.

Read some of my pages described below that deal with the many different facets of elementary classroom management:

Classroom Discipline - I am a great believer in assertive discipline. Read my ideas and methods to instill a positive climate in the classroom that promotes student motivation and self-esteem.

Classroom Behavior Management - where I provide some very useful examples on handling common and difficult classroom behavioral issues.

Classroom Meetings - Find out what you as the teacher need to do to lead an effective classroom discussion and have useful class meetings.

Non Verbal Communication - teaching strategies can be very effective in achieving classroom discipline and creating a respectful and positive classroom environment.

Classroom Rules - Establishing classroom rules and expectations the first week of school is crucial! It sets the tone of how you want your class to run and let's the students know what's expected of them early in the year. Learn about the basic classroom rules that I insisted that my students follow and the teaching strategies behind them.

Classroom Time Management - Effective time management in the classroom is important for delivering successful lessons that keep your students interested and motivated. Read my tips on the HOW's and WHY's!

Humor in the classroom - is a necessary component to successful classroom management. Read this page and find out why humor in the classroom is so important.

School Manners - it's up to you as an educator to teach school manners, continually reinforcing them and maintaining them in your classroom and throughout the school.

Teaching Split Classes - It doesn't have to be as difficult as you think. Read my teaching strategies and be ready for the challenge.

Teaching Diversity in the Classroom - covers such a broad spectrum when you think about the various concepts related to teaching diverse students. Read my teaching strategies when I taught and mentored new and inexperienced teachers.

Substitute Teaching - Being a substitute teacher in any classroom can be quite a challenge. Follow these essential tips for substitute teachers and not only will the school be happy to invite you back in the future, but it will also make your day(s) of substitute teaching productive and enjoyable.

When you're away, you pray for good substitute teacher help.

All motivated teachers want to be sure that when they're away, that the teacher responsible for their class has a relatively easy time handling the students and is able to carry on with the lesson plans and daily routines as effectively as possible.

Be sure to read this page on helping your substitute teacher and relieve your concerns about your students and classroom when you're away.

So as you can imagine and will find out as you read these pages "What is classroom management?" is truly a loaded question!

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