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Effective Classroom Meetings!!

Having good classroom meetings to take care of class business and leading an effective classroom discussion requires you as the teacher to:

1. Be a good leader

2. Use the group discussion tips and group discussion techniques that are described on this page.

3. Understand the different roles that students play.

Qualities of a Good Leader

A good leader (teacher) must have these qualities:

* Be interested and exhibit this interest in the students involved in the classroom discussion. In return students will be interested in and show respect for the leader.

* Be able to not only answer students' questions but also be able to draw answers out of the students involved in the meeting.

* Be able to provide a balance to the classroom discussion, not just express his/her own point of view.

* Be intelligent and have a broad background of experience.

Group Discussion Tips and Techniques

What are some of the guidelines for having a successful class meeting? Here are my suggestions.

* The physical setting should be attractive and comfortable (seating arrangement, etc.)

* Establish a friendly group atmosphere among students involved in the class meeting. It is helpful if students know about the interests and background of each other.

* The teacher should have a basic plan, but be flexible in the use of it (should not be too structured or too flexible).

* There should be direct communication between the students themselves; i.e. communication should not be focused on the teacher. Only one person should speak at a time with discussion flowing back and forth between students who wish to participate.

* The teacher should accept each individual student understanding his/her needs, interests and limitations. Students should help another student to participate who is having trouble in expressing himself.

* Use the experience of each student to enrich the discussion. All students should be able to participate based on his/her experience.

Be sure to read my page about a classroom meeting that I called "Special Talk and Student of the Week". I use this class meeting to end each week on a successful note.

Understanding Helpful and Hindering Roles

Role functions are the contributions a person makes to the functioning of a meeting. There are two main types of role functions, the helpful and the hindering roles.

An awareness of role functions and the part they play in classroom meetings is an important step in becoming a more useful and effective teacher and leader. Be sure to read my page on group roles.

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