Classroom Team Building Activities
Are Excellent Motivational Tools!!

Classroom team building activities and team bonding activities play an important role as student motivational tools and building your students' social qualities.

One of my favorite classroom activities for team building was a classroom meeting that I called "Special Talk and Student of the Week".

These classroom meetings were held every Friday for the last period of the day.

It was the best part of the week,wonderful way to end the week, and the students loved it!!

It is important to show your students that you are human - have feelings, a life, family,weekends, pets,etc. - Share as they share; e.g. during show and tell (which is more for the primary division).

After the student agendas were signed, we got together and sat on the carpet (me on a chair, better to see and be seen) and discussed what they were doing on the weekend (including me), what was happening next week in school (in and out side the class), sharing objects, jokes, etc.

Then a student was chosen by the previous student to receive the "Student of the Week" award. The student was chose for positive reasons, e.g. thoughtfulness,mannerly,kindness. They received a treat and a prize.

Everyone was chosen once and then we began again until the end of the year. I chose the very first winner and then again when we started the second round.

The student of the week brought down the attendance, delivered things to other classes, picked up things from the office, was in charge if I had to leave the room for a minute (e.g. the washroom). If I was away that student informed the supply teacher about the classroom routines,etc.

Classroom meetings could last anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes depending upon what was happening the following week and on what the students had to share and discuss.

Meetings were held to discuss things such as class parties, class trips, changing the seating plan, and any class issues such as bully situation, peoples' feelings being hurt or voting on a particular issue.

These meeting could be spontaneous, where students would stay seated at their desks or a planned discussion where we would sit in a group on the carpet.

If their was a serious issue I would tell my students when it would we be discussed, and what would be discussed so they could think about it and voice their opinions.

Classroom parties, classroom games and classroom trips are just a few other types of classroom team building activities that I discuss or plan to discuss on my website.

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