Your Classroom Layout
Here's What's Important to Know !!

Your classroom layout and classroom furniture (e.g. classroom desks, classroom tables, etc.) are important to help motivate and stimulate your students.

A classroom that is comfortable, friendly and colorful creates a very positive learning and social environment for your students.

You finally get your own classroom. You walk around the room your eyes darting everywhere. There are so many class layouts that you are imagining, but it all comes down to what works best for you!

Stand in the 4 corners of the room and try to picture how everything will look. Draw some of your classroom layout ideas.

Things to consider:

1. Where will your desk be?

2. How many student classroom desks do you need?

3. What classroom seating arrangement of the desks will you use; for example, groups,rows, U shapes, rows but in groups,etc?

4. Will you have any classroom computers? Where will you put the classroom computer tables?

5. Will you have a carpeted area, away from the students' desks, where you can all come together for classroom meetings,etc.?

6. What other additional classroom furniture such as filing cabinets, bookshelves,working tables will there be?

7. How many classroom bulletin boards will you have?

8. What other classroom display ideas are swimming around in your head?

All these questions and many, many more to come. It's crucial that you get different perspectives of the room and draw various class layouts and again - remember, it's what's best for you and your students.

Visit other classrooms in the school and in the same division as you. Don't be afraid to ask other staff members what worked best for them and why.

Also keep in mind that nothing is bolted to the floor. Try out different classroom floor plans and if one's not working for you and your teaching style, change things around.

As I mention on my classroom seating page, I LOVE groups. It worked best for me and my students and how I taught.

At the back of my room, I had:

* A computer for my students.

* A large carpeted area which I utilized for classroom meetings and discussions, playing classroom games, reading aloud.

* A large round working table used by my students or myself.

* Filing cabinets and finally

* A comfortable armed chair which only I sat in facing all my students.

Occasionally, the caretaker moved my desk from the front to the back of the room. WOW - it sure was a different way of looking at my classroom.

Hopefully by now I've provided you with some initial insight into the classroom layout design for your classroom.

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