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Every student wants cool school supplies (homeschooling supplies too).

Whether your students are in Grade 1 or Grade 7, they all want to show off to their cool "stuff" to their friends.

The first day of school, certain back to school supplies are given out to each student to keep in their desks, to be used throughout the school year. These supplies include:

* Pencil (continually replaced)
* Pen (black or blue for the older grades, Grade 6 and up)
* Eraser (whole one to start with, 1/2 after that)
* Ruler (30cm,12 inches)
* Small Glue Stick
* Scissors (student size)
* Box of 8 crayons
* Box of crayola original markers(optional)
* One Highlighter

To me, these are necessary supplies that all students will use on a daily basis and should be on their student school supply list.

Some people love to shop, but not me. I shop for a purpose - I go in - get what I want/need and leave. What better and easier way to shop is there than to shop online with a few clicks of the mouse?

For more on what should be on the classroom and teacher supply list and some cool school supplies, check out some of the links below.

You can save money on some of the classroom decorations/displays, educational games, and a large variety cheap teacher supplies.

You'll also get some great ideas about what's available to assist you and your students throughout the school year.

1. Classroom Games - Classroom review games, educational games or just some fun games to motivate your students.

2. Many inexpensive and fun Printable Math Board and Card Games.

3. Classroom and Teacher Supplies - For your back to school supply list as well as throughout the school year.

4. Rubrics for teachers - All types of rubric supplies and samples for different subjects and grade levels.

5. Classroom Displays for the holidays, special occasions and to liven up your classroom and motivate your students.

6. Classroom awards for building student motivation and creating strong teacher student relationships.

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