What You Need On Your
Back To School Supply List!!

Each teacher's back to school supply list for their classroom supplies, classroom furniture and their own teaching supplies will vary depending upon who they are, their likes, dislikes and the grade they teach. Discount school supplies are always nice to find.

Each teacher will order their classroom supplies based on what they determine to be essential, but here's a basic list of must haves for all elementary school teachers as well as the essential supplies that I used (in and on my desk) throughout my teaching career.

If I stayed at one school for several years, I accumulated certain teaching supplies that could also be used by my students:

* Lots of blue pens ( I NEVER marked with a red pen - too menacing)
* Thin Tipped Markers ((a large variety of different colours)
* Overhead Markers
* Large Scissors (2 pair)
* Staplers (3-4)
* One Hole Punch ( 2-3)
* Three Hole Punch (2)
* A Timer (60 minutes)
* Labels
* Duotangs (many boxes of different colours)
* Metric/Yard Sticks
* Blackboard Chalk (a large variety of different colours)
* Blackboard Erasers
* Notebooks (one for each subject, Math books should have graph type paper, 1x1 cm or inches)
* Blank, 3 Hole Paper (different colours - used for science or social studies units)
* Lots of Lined Paper
* Construction Paper (all different colours)
* Experienced Chart Paper (lined and graph)
* Tissue Paper (a variety of colours)
* Pads of Different Sized Paper
* Recipe Cards (5"x8" or 3"x5")
* Newsprint
* Powder Paint and Brushes (powder lasts longer than liquid)
* Paper Cutter
* Popsicle Sticks
* Toothpicks
* Felt
* White Glue
* Scotch and Masking Tape
* Tape Dispensers (one for masking tape and one for scotch tape)
* Stickers (tons of them, on themes, e.g. Halloween, ones with words,etc.)
* Kleenex Tissues (tons of boxes - very important)

Remember, everyone is different. What's important to one teacher for their back to school supply list may not be for another.

In some schools, the secretary/office administrator orders all the back to school supplies for the whole school. The supplies are placed in a room and the teachers take what they need.

But, in all schools that I have taught in, teachers were given a certain amount of money three times a year,to order their own supplies. I loved it, since I ordered what was best for me and my students.

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