Professional Development For Teachers. The Why's and How's!!

Professional development for teachers is very important for all teachers. Continuing education is an important aspect that all teachers need to consider.

When you are a teacher, you know that it is not only the things that you say and do, but the person that you are, that is very important in the world of your classroom, and beyond.

Being the best teacher that you can be, only encourages your students to be all that they can be in whatever endeavor they might have.

When you give it your all, and when you work hard to be the best at your teaching job, you are telling your students that they, too, should be working hard to help promote themselves.

You must always take the initiative (jump right in) and be willing to take risks; e.g.teaching a new unit, a different grade,creating bulletin boards with subject information and students' work and especially helping or organizing extra-curricular activities in the school.,etc.

It would be very beneficial for you to get involved in some club or activity, e.g. volleyball team or chess club. You could collaborate with other staff and get to know more students and vice versa, especially in other divisions whether it's primary, junior or intermediate. It would make you teaching experience so much more fulfilling.

I personally (with other teachers) alternated between organizing a school talent show or operetta (and I can't sing a note), helped with the folk dance club, floor hockey teams, borden ball, volleyball teams, track and field and of course was on the social committee each year.

Therefore, professional development for teachers is something that is very important. For you, it means learning more about who you are and about what type of teacher you can be, and for your students it means having a teacher that has done all that they can to promote their own learning.

Even if you have been a teacher for only a year, you are going on learning that you've done in the past. Studies change, students change, and teachers should be changing with the times as well.

Professional development for teachers means that you want to be sure that no matter how long you've been a teacher, you are always learning something new.

There are many possible options that you can take advantage of so that you can provide yourself with the tools that you need to be the most successful educator possible.

For example some of the possible continuing education options at your disposal to help you develop your skills might include:

* Continuing education courses for adults usually given in the evening at local high schools -

* Personal development courses such as public speaking, leadership training, arts/drama and technology (computers)classes or continuing education courses for teachers in different academic fields, such as math, science, languages.

* Obtain your specialist credentials in areas such as arts, physical education or languages. These courses can be taken at a local university.

* For those of you who know little or nothing about computers and some of the great applications available with computers, please read my page on using computers in the classroom .

* You may want to consider studying abroad at some time during your teaching career to learn a new language or just as an exciting experience.

With the advent of the internet and today's technology, it is far easier than it has ever been to pursue your professional and personal goals.

Whether you're pursuing additional degrees or certifications there's little excuse not to work at constantly improving yourself and your classroom environment.

This could mean finding top accredited colleges that offer online degree programs at Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate levels.
Look at getting your Masters or PHD in teaching. This is an excellent way for you to show your students see that the best life they can lead is a life where they never stop learning.

When you are a teacher, you want to promote this idea by never stopping your own learning process.

Professional development for teachers means that you must be dedicated to a plan of constantly developing yourself so that you will be the best teacher that you can be.

Be sure to read my page on teacher self evaluation, it's so important.

You'll want to participate in on-going and sustained professional development classes and endeavors.

You'll learn something from each of the things that you do, whether it's leading various school clubs and activities or taking personal and professional training courses to improve your life and knowledge or advance your teaching career.

Professional development for teachers means being a life long learner, so that you might show your students what life long learning is all about, and why it is so important.

When you are a teacher, there are going to be several different areas of professional development for teachers that are important for you to participate in so that you can provide yourself with the tools that you need to be the most successful educator possible.

There are plenty of options at your disposal to help you develop your skills. If you're limited in the time and distance that you can be away from home consider taking some online teacher education courses. Please read my page on the benefits of online education where I discuss what to look for before making a decision about online education courses.

Take advantage of one of these development opportunities. The sky is the limit, and if you have a higher degree, you'll find that you can fly higher than you ever dreamed possible.

When you have continued to have your own personal development you'll find out that you are going to be able to go places you never dreamed of being able to go.

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