Teacher Self Evaluation
Will Change Your Way of Teaching!!

Teacher self evaluation is so important to do on a regular basis even though school is such a busy place and before you know it it's the end of the day.

I realize that it's impossible to do this daily and often it's put on the back burner to be thought of later.

More often, we are self critical and that leads us to further development or growth as a teacher.

Often, making New Year's resolutions are done with good intentions but are often destined to fail. However, I myself, set goals. They can be long range goals, but short range ones can be more realistic and provide gratification sooner. For example, a behavioural having a good day or finish writing your reports on time.

Self evaluation should be done to improve our teaching strategies, develop new methods to motivate, encourage and inspire our students and even staff, etc,

Many of us take additional qualifications (courses), e.g. special education, ESL, physical education and become specialists. We attend seminars, workshops, team and staff meetings.

As a human being, as well as a teacher, you should continually strive to achieve realistic goals and instill that in your students. (It's so easy to get into a rut and remain stagnated) - because when you reach your goal and achieve that accomplishment (big or small), it is the most gratifying and exhilarating feeling in the world!!

However, you must begin with teacher self evaluation (take 5 minutes out of your day) and go from there.

As you may know, I am now a college supervisor for a teachers college. Before I come to evaluate my students, they have to send me their lesson plan, which includes a reflection of their process of constructing their lesson and how they think it's going to go.

After observing their lesson, I have them self reflect and tell me how they thought it went and where they think they can improve the next lesson.

So, right from the being of their teaching career, I try to instill the idea of self evaluation. It's vital in this profession right from the get go.

Are you familiar with the saying "stop and smell the roses"? Well, the same idea holds true " Stop and think teacher self evaluation".

Take those 5 minutes .... at your desk at school, driving home (eyes on the road though), watching a slew of TV commercials before your show continues.

Believe me when I say that your way of teaching will change (for the better of course). It will be a rewarding experience and an inspiration to your kids!

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