My Teacher Seminar Videos Will Give You Valuable Teaching Strategies!!

The practical side of teaching are words that accurately describe the teacher seminar that I hold every year for student teachers at York University in Toronto.

The students teachers and I discuss (brainstorm) over 20 common scenarios that teachers must deal with throughout the teaching year. Teachers must be able to think on their feet in order to handle these situations quickly and effectively.

Recently I videotaped our discussions of each scenario, so now here's your opportunity to get the benefits of my seminar and hearing my strategies on how to handle these typical situations, as well as the ideas of the student teachers as well.

My teacher seminar covers strategies for dealing with:

1. Student Issues:

Students cheating in the classroom

School bullies

Stealing in the Classroom

Placing students in groups

2. Discipline

Student disruptions during class

Classroom rewards system

Student disrespecting the teacher

Noisy classroom

3. Parent Teacher Communication

Holding Effective Parent Teacher Conferences

Improving communication channels with parents

Parent interrupting during class

Parent complaint about not being told about child's progress

Parent complaint about child's grades

Parent complaint about child being verbally abused

Parent complaint about too much homework for their child

4. Student Assessment

Grading and dealing with students when homework is not done

4. Lesson Planning (Disruptions)

Homework not understood

Need answers to one or two of your own questions?

I believe that it's very important that my visitors have the opportunity to ask their questions, provide their comments and opinions, and talk about their experiences.

I invite other teaching professionals to write about some of the teaching strategies that they have used. Then if I feel that it would be of value to my visitors, I'll be happy to add to my site, giving you credit as well if you wish.

If you have a teaching strategy that you would like to share please submit your teaching strategy here. As we share our experiences with teaching professionals around the globe, we will be helping new and inexperienced teachers become more successful and motivated teachers as they come to realize what a wonderful and rewarding profession, teaching is.

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