Classroom Rewards - Be Sure to Use My Successful Suggestions!!

Implementing classroom rewards is one way of building student motivation.

During one particular year, one of my student mentees was having a difficult time with discipline in her clasroom. We came up with this classroom reward system.

It started off slowly, but by the end of the year, proved to be quite successful and the students loved it!

The Programme

* The classroom rewards system consisted of receiving positive and negative points. As the teacher, you decide how many points will be awarded on a weekly basis (short term - instant gratification) - for example say 15 points at the beginning of the year and add more points per week as you see fit.

* As with the primary division reward system, have the students involved in deciding on the criteria for winning and losing points.

* Print the positive and negative suggestions on chart paper, continually adding and deleting and visible in the classroom to everyone. Again be sure to have more positive than negative suggestions.

* Examples for winning a point - everyone finishing homework, sharing and working quietly, everyone remembering to return library books, performing a good deed, using manners.

* Examples for losing a point - not doing homework, pushing or shoving, forgetting library books, showing disrespect.

* You know your class and what would work best for them. Add criteria as the year goes on.

* Points are won and lost on a class basis (this differs from primary division where points are based on individual students). This promotes class co-operation and working together.

The Prize

* Students need to know what their prize is (at the beginning of the week) - striving to what goal?

* Always know what the prize is yourself, one or two weeks in advance and change it up a little.

* Keep in mind that while students may be working individually towards the goal (reward), it is a CLASS prize. Everyone shares it.

Examples for class prizes:

* One free period - where they can bring board games from home,play music, etc.

* An extra gym period or computer time (if the school has a computer lab)

* Have a celebration - reward hour - the teacher and students had a mini-party with pop, chips, etc.

* The students loved it!! - but DO mix the rewards around.

Keep in mind:

1. If the class doesn't reach the points requirement by the end of the week, then NO celebration of any kind.

2. If there are 1 or 2 students that absolutely don't deserve to join in on the reward, then arrange for them to sit out or join another classroom until the class reward time is over.

3. All students should be aware that this could happen to them before hand - make it part of the criteria - write it down.

The classroom rewards system that I have just described has played a large role in increasing student motivation in my classrooms for me, my mentees and my student teachers.

Watch as I brainstorm suggestions with some student teachers.

I seriously urge you to use or adapt this teaching strategy into your classroom management strategies. For me, it was and still is a win-win situation for both you and your students.

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