Do You Know How To Deal
With These Parent Complaints?

Parent complaints are a common occurrence during the school year.

During my teaching seminar that I hold every year at York University in Toronto, the student teachers and I discuss how to handle some common complaints that parents have.

The 4 videos below were recorded at one of my teaching seminars. Each one describes a common complaint. Find out what suggestions my students and I make to deal with each one.

In the first scenario a parent complains that her daughter has been crying while doing her homework for 2 hours each night. The parent wants to know why a Grade 3 student has so much work? She says "Is it because you're inexperienced and do not know what's expected yet? You need to call me at ..... today!"

In the second scenario a parent complains about not being informed and kept up to date on their child's progress. How would you handle it?

The third scenario is about parents who are not happy with their child's report card, saying he/she did much better last year.

In the last scenario, a parent complains about the teacher verbally abusing their child. Here are our suggestions for handling this delicate and difficult situation. It really does happen.

These are just four types of complaints from parents that you may run into. If you have some other situations that have occurred or may occur please use my contact form below and I'll try to offer some suggestions.

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