Classroom Discipline.
The DOs and the DON'Ts!!

Establishing proper classroom discipline is the #1 key to a successful lesson, day, term and year!

It's a critical component in developing effective classroom management techniques.

You may have created the best lesson in the world, but if you don't have effective, clear cut, and respectful classroom discipline plans set up at the beginning of the year, just kiss all your hard work good-bye - down the toilet!

What is Assertive Discipline?

As you read this page and many other pages on my website, you will come to understand that I am a great believer in assertive discipline.

Assertive teachers are those that are firm, reacting quickly and confidently, and taking charge of any classroom behavior issues. They believe in acknowledging good behavior but those that misbehave and do not obey the rules must deal with the consequences.

Continue reading this page and I'll explain more about what I mean about assertive discipline and how I implemented it.

Classroom Discipline Management

For any given situation that may arise in the classroom, students must have a clear understanding (before hand) of what the consequences are and you must always follow through on these consequences. Remember too, that consequences must be realistic and never punish the whole class for a few misbehaved students.

I hope by now you've read about my classroom rules and expectations and have started to use my suggested examples of classroom rules.

Always, always, always remember that students are not your friends. If they think you are their "buddy" you will not have the respect and classroom control you need. You are the adult, they are the students!

Always be honest with your students - if you make a mistake, admit it - you are human and you will gain their respect even more.

Read about my many teaching strategies for creating student motivation for primary and junior grade students. Even if you have 25 angels, you will be reinforcing positive discipline in the classroom.

Non verbal communication strategies can also be a very useful and powerful tool in establishing and maintaining discipline in the classroom in a positive motivational manner.

Classroom Behavior Management

Please click over to my page on

Classroom Behavior Management to learn how I handled many common discipline and behavioral issues and then try them out for yourself.

There is a lot to digest to get proper classroom discipline working effectively. Keep in mind that I have developed, implemented and maintained these teaching strategies over a long period of time.

Some strategies have worked better than others at different times, because of the manner, behavior, culture and grade of the students. Play with them, discover the classroom instruction that works for you and your students.

Please don't let discipline in the classroom intimidate you, frighten you or have you go the other way - become too over-bearing!

Take it slowly and in time you just may become a pro and still have the passion to teach as I do!

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