Valentine Classroom Party Ideas
Can Be Fun and Motivational!!

Your valentine classroom party ideas can be started at the beginning of February (that's when I initiated mine), it's not just a one day frenzy/day.

Since I usually had older students (junior grades, 8-12 years old), I had my students do a little bit of research on the history of Valentine's Day; for example, how other countries celebrate the day.

What a wonderful way of motivating students to read!

At the valentine classroom party, each group (that I had set up previously), had to give a 2 minute presentation on what they had learned (for educational and fun purposes, not to be marked).

For primary grade students, some classroom valentine party ideas might include word search and crossword puzzles, fill in the blanks or colouring in pictures, depicting some fun facts about Valentine's Day. These all help create great motivation in the classroom. All these valentine activities can be done during the two weeks prior to Valentine's Day.

Here are some other valentine classroom party ideas:

* Have students create (during the first 2 weeks of February) and then give out valentine cards to other people in the school; for example, brother/sister, friend in another class, another teacher, secretary, caretaker, VP or principal.

Ask students to include (if they want) a picture, caring message or a poem telling how important the receiving person is to them.

* Have a Secret Valentine exchange (similar to a Secret Santa), where students buy a small present (set a $ limit) for another student in the classroom.

* Have students decorate a paper bag to hold valentine cards they receive from others.

* Ask your students how they want to celebrate Valentine's Day. They may have some good classroom party ideas.

* Also be sure to check out some of my own classroom party games

Whatever you do, just make sure you celebrate the occasion. It's a terrific way to break up the "regular" day-to-day routines and it's truly great for student motivation.

It's a win-win situation. You'll be glad you did it. I tried to do a different type of celebration each month. You won't believe the difference it makes for you and your students.


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