Halloween Classroom Activities
Are a Real Treat!!

Halloween classroom activities can played the whole month of October. What a treat!!

Throughout the month I placed a number of different classroom activities, each in a separate large envelope or folder on the window sill in my classroom.

When students finished their assigned seat work, they could choose one of the Halloween activities, complete it, show it to me and then start another one.

The Halloween activities varied from crossword puzzles, word searches, math questions, coloring, missing letters, finding hidden Halloween pictures,etc.

The Jehovah Witness students in my class could do the activities but never attended the class party; and of course there was a P-A-R-T-A-A-Y!!!

Speaking of the party and keeping in mind food allergies, we made a list of who could bring what a few days before the event - Food, Drinks, Music and Games For The Classroom.

It wasn't mandatory, everyone volunteered what they could.

Every year I always changed it around, but here are some of my classroom Halloween party ideas:

* Allow and encourage your students to wear Halloween costumes to school (school permitting.

Costumes were not mandatory but I always was sure to wear one ((including face makeup).

The most creative hand made mask and/or costume received one of the classroom awards that were given out at the party.

* One of my favourite things to do during the party was to tell ghost stories.

We would close the drapes and shut off the lights and the person telling the ghost story would hold a flashlight under their chin and only their face would show.

We would all be seating on the carpet at the back of the doom during the story telling. It wasn't just me telling the ghost stories - my kids always came up with a story of their own. BOO!!

* Halloween jokes were also well received.

* One of my colleagues took it a step further and created a HAUNTED classroom.

He and his students spent one day creating an eerie, creepy but fun environment which included spooky music. Each class was invited to visit the haunted classroom.

Students were led (a few at a time) by his students.Because it was pitch black in the room, music blaring, and not knowing where you were going added to the scary fun. You were led into mazes, had your hand dipped in many gooey things, and many screams were heard in the classroom. My class and I loved the experience.

* Don't forget to tell or read the "History of Halloween" to your students. It's quite fascinating.

* Read about some of my favorite Halloween classroom party games that you can organize.

*My students loved one very successful classroom contest that I held during the month of October. It was invaluable in motivating my students and helping to establish discipline in my classroom.

I loved Halloween - Can You Tell?

The main thing is to have fun and enjoy your students. TRICK or TREAT!!

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