How Can You Achieve Professionalism In Teaching To Become A Successful Teacher?

Responding with professionalism in teaching rather than personally is imperative in every teaching situation.

Continually, throughout the day, you are interacting with students - one-to-one, with the whole class, in the hall, on the playground, and of course with staff members as well.

For the most part, these interactions bring about positive feelings. However, at times, they don't and that's where trouble students will begin.

The one absolute truth is - to be successful in any situation (problems included), you as a teacher MUST respond professionally rather than taking it personally.

I know that this is easier said than done. We will get angry, perhaps our feelings will get hurt, or the student will do something bad intentionally, but we can't respond personally. We must keep professionalism in teaching in mind at all times. It will automatically increase our successes even in the worst situations.

Let's say for instance, that you go to a car mechanic because your car is making a noise. He suggests what to do and you say you'll think about it. A month later, the noise is worse and you go back to the mechanic. He's not going to yell at you or say you're irresponsible and tell you not to come back. He will respond professionally and explain what has to be done and fix the problem before further damage is done.

You may know teachers in your school, or this may be you (as it was me in my first few years of teaching), that rant and rave in the classroom, responding personally. This will make the situation worse or if parents become involved, they will find it easier to condemn your behaviour instead of their child's, because you are supposed to be professional!

Besides you being expected to be professional, also consider your relationship with said student which can damage the relationships with your other students. It can have a domino effect. Your lack of professionalism may actually push them away.

Keep in mind that reacting personally gives the message that you are not equipped to handle certain situations (and there goes their respect for you).

By exhibiting professionalism in teaching, we have the leverage needed to approach any problem. We can talk to students, colleagues and parents on firm ground, with confidence and a positive attitude.

Do you understand that what children do has more to do with them than us? Inappropriate behaviour may be caused by pride, low self esteem and fear of failure. Remember, reacting personally will usually cause us to abandon our professional knowledge and skill.

I don't want you to become a stone face without feelings. Realistically, anyone can make a bad situation worse. I for one have been there and done that throughout my career, being the emotional person that I am.

However with time, care and experience, you will become a skilled professional who will handle every situation better. Keep hold of your emotions and tongue and you will achieve professionalism in teaching very successfully.

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