Consider The Ethics In Decision Making
It's A Must For Teachers!!

It's important that you consider the ethics in decision making. It can make you feel uncomfortable, worried, nervous or even fearful of the backlash.

Teachers get involved in many different types of decision making. For example, taking a harsh stand with a misbehaved student or demanding classroom supplies or taking a stand during a staff meeting on a controversial issue. We all have our own decision making style and decision making approaches.

At the time you may feel correct and justified about your decisions; however, others will feel the opposite, e.g. uncomfortable at that particular moment.

A closer look may reveal that when making hard decisions we feel uncomfortable for several reasons:

1. Perhaps we made the decision without consulting anyone because we felt strongly about it and didn't think to seek the opinions of others.

2. We didn't want to be confronted or we didn't want to place ourselves in a position where any doubts could be brought up.

3. We announced our decision when there was no time to discuss our choice,; e.g. at the end of a staff meeting.

4. We discussed our decision through a third party, perhaps to avoid questions or confrontations or make it look like it was someone else's decision.

5. We chose to put our decision in writing rather than discuss it openly and personally with another teacher, parent, administrator, or office staff.

As you can see there are numerous decision making approaches which can make people feel uncomfortable or disturbed. I'm sure you can think of others, where perhaps you were involved.

As you can imagine the ethics in decision making is huge!

Keep in mind - you may have your way for a short period of time, but eventually you will be in a disadvantaged position where you will isolate yourself and be alone. It will be your win if right, but your loss if things go wrong.

Whatever the outcome, you won't receive help from others. You may struggle to get your colleagues support in the future, or have them think you handle all decisions that way. You may even invite a secret wish from others that you fail.

Remember when making a decision that people will give you the same consideration that you give them. Never forget these factors affecting decision making and you'll handle your decisions in a professional manner!

It's impossible to make decisions in a school without involving others. We are all affected by the decisions of one another since we don't operate in a vacuum in a school.

Remember when we're uncomfortable with the way we've handled a decision, everyone is aware of that. Even if we may or may not be bothered by a decision we make, others may be if we violate professional courtesy.

So, when we avoid discussion, deny input, or fail to consult others, we'll be on shaky grounds - personally and professionally. Now you can see that ethics in decision making is extremely important.

When you know that you have made an error, you must be open to make a complete reversal. Don't be afraid to say, "I don't know" or "I've made a mistake" or "I need help" or "I'm sorry".

If you don't, your judgement may be questioned or in jeopardy and you may not be consulted in the future, just as you may not have consulted others - and that would be a hugh disaster on all counts.

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