How to Become a Teacher?
How I Did It!

How to become a teacher and why did you become a teacher are two questions that I been asked many times over the years once people discover that I am and have been teaching for over 30 years.

No matter how many teachers you ask you get a different answer to these questions every time.

As to "Why" - you'll hear answers like - my mother and/or father was a teacher, I love being with kids, its very rewarding, a great pension plan, 2 months of summer holidays, etc., etc., etc....

But do you know "how to become a certified teacher?" - that's the question!

For me, as I mentioned before, it began when I was 9 years old (a little young) - but I realized that being a teacher was what I wanted to be when "I grow up". Different teachers realize this at different stages of their lives.

Because I had the passion to teach children earlier on in my life, I geared whatever I did towards being with children. I started baby sitting when I was 11 years old. I was a camp counselor for many years until I turned 20.

Throughout my teenage years, the want, desire and passion for teaching grew. Becoming a teacher was the main goal of my life at that point in time!

Throughout my university years, I volunteered in local elementary schools where I took a special liking towards the junior division - kids in Grades 4-6, 8-12 years old.

Even while attending university "how to become a teacher?" was stuck at the back of my mind. I took courses that would help me - learning how to deal with people of all ages; for example, psychology (my major) and public relations.

I connected with, spoke to, questioned and observed anyone and everyone who was related to education and the teaching profession.

I remember, the summer before I entered teacher's college, I received letters and phone calls from students who had just graduated from teacher's college. They tried to convince me that going to teacher's college was going to be a waste of time because there were no jobs to be had (getting off of the registration list was very easy at that time).

It was very discouraging! BUT, becoming a teacher was what I had been dreaming about forever, so that was what I was going to become!

I attended teacher's college, loving my placements, soaking up my associate teachers' and host teachers' ideas and suggestions, helping out with extra-curricular activities and loving every stressful minute of it!

I was lucky and did get a full time job right away, and in a blink of any eye, 33 years went by and I never lost the passion and still have it! Even my own children tell me (or complain) "Mom, you're always a teacher, no matter what you are doing or where you are." (Is that a good or bad thing?)

Moral of my story. Stay Positive and Never let go of your Dreams!!

How to become a teacher? It was a long haul, but I never looked back and I still will shout it on the roof top "Teaching is the best profession in the world!!! (spoken from the heart)

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