The Right Physical Education Supplies
Can Be Sooo Helpful!!

Having the appropriate physical education supplies and gym equipment are so vital on so many levels.

Now, granted a lot of physical education games, activities and gym sports can be played without gym equipment. But, you can do so much more and teach so many skills with the proper physical education equipment.

Acquiring these supplies and equipment can be tricky depending on your school's budget, who orders the equipment (e.g. administration or gym teacher), the age and number of students in your school.

The supplies and equipment can be ordered gradually. You may also want to collaborate with other staff members and approach your admin together to voice your suggestions and explain why you are ordering them.

Don't forget to state my reasons as to why physical education is important to the person(s) in charge. This may also strengthen your case.

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is check in your gym cupboard to find out what physical education supplies you do have and then you can build from there.

You can also have class and school fund raisers to raise money for supplies, as well as speak to the parent council and try and get money from them. Remember to emphasize that this is in their childrens' best interests (guilt works wonders).

Here's a long list of various physical education supplies. It's up to you and your staff to decide what is important for the students:

1. Volleyballs, basketballs, and soccer balls - one of each for every 2 to 4 students in a class.

2. Ball pumps and needles (to be used by staff or responsible students only).

3. Scooters - a must - class set if possible.

4. Parachute.

5. A variety of other balls - nerf, utility (coloured balls - same size as soccer balls, tennis balls, beach balls, etc.)

6. Lots of bean bags.

7. T-ball and bat.

8. Baseballs, bats, bases, gloves, helmets.

9. Frisbees.

10. Scoopers and balls.

11. Volleyball and basketball nets.

12. Boombox - music box- plays CDs for dance lessons e.g. folk dancing

13. Pennies - not the money but identification T-shirts (4 colours for 4 teams)- to wear when playing team games.

14. Badminton racquets and birdies.

15. Skipping ropes (class set).

16. Hula hoops - different sizes.

17. Mats.

18. Track and field equipment.

19. Pylons - different sizes.

20. A whistle for each teacher.

21. Ribbons.

22. Bins, baskets, ball holders to keep a lot of supplies in.

23. etc., etc., etc.

Wow, you may need to build a room for all this - kidding! You'll be surprised how organized you can be with all this physical education equipment.

Remember, check what physical education supplies you have and then gradually build on that each year. You, your students, the staff, your whole school will realize what a wonderful investment you have made.

Here's to good health and happy playing!!!

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