Set Up Your Gym Teams Early
Make It Easier On Yourself!!

Physical education teachers set up your gym teams or squads early in the school year!

During the first few weeks of school, I really take note and observe my students during their gym class. Some of your students, who may or may not excel academically, will shine as athletes.

When I started up a gym sport, or a physical education game/activity or any other group skill, it was so much easier for me to have students already set up in teams or squads.

The 4 teams that I set up were equally divided between girls and boys, athletic ability and how well they co=operated with each other. These students played and worked together throughout the year. I rarely switched anyone, but sometimes changes are necessary for whatever reason.

When students entered the gym, after changing (if you did that), they sat in their teams, ready and eager to find out what was in store for them during the period.

I always found that having 4 set teams/squads was so much easier. I don't waste time numbering them or having them pick teams and then getting into their teams. It also saved some hurt feelings for those students who ended up being picked last.

As a supply/substitute/occasional teacher, I often am called upon to teach physical education/gym for the day or half day. I always go over the rules they have in their gym with the teacher (generally rules are similar in most gym classes).

After the students do their warm up exercises, stretches, etc., there are group or team drills and/or activities. I find when I go into different schools, there are no teams or squads set up. The students usually tell me that they set up their own teams. I HATE that!

Depending on the grade, that wastes valuable time when they could be doing an activity. Arguing, too many in a group, not enough, all boys or all girls, some not chosen. I usually just have them line up one beside the other and numbering them off, 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4, and so on.

I always have to make sure that some aren't switching spots further down the line because they want to be on their friend's gym team. Again this process takes up time.

Having gym teams/squads makes your life so much easier, beginning an activity/game/drill, playing against each team and even dismissing them to change, putting away the equipment or lining up at the gym door.

If you teach physical education/gym, believe me when I say - you'll say to yourself "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

More productive gym time, less stress on the students and a thoroughly enjoyable time for all. And that's what it's all about, isn't it?

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