Teaching English Abroad - A Priceless Experience You Don't Want To Miss!!

Teaching English abroad, a.k.a. teaching esl abroad, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest opportunities available upon graduation from university.

The experience and self-confidence gained while living, learning, and teaching in another culture is phenomenal, and has an immense impact on one's path of personal and professional development, at the beginning of his/her working life.

Regardless of the country and culture you choose to immerse yourself in, it can be difficult at first to overcome culture shock, and to become adjusted.

It certainly isn't easy - communication barriers in many countries are ever-apparent, and a constant source of frustration, as are stark cultural differences, mannerisms, and social norms.

Most teachers will go through a difficult (but necessary) adjustment period of culture shock, before feeling comfortable in new surroundings. There are many challenges to overcome as a foreigner in an unfamiliar country/culture - conquering these challenges however, leads to countless adventures, vast life experience, and an incredible amount of fun.

This positive impact of self-discovery, experience, and adventure, are absolutely priceless. Truly, the effort you put in, your response to being in such a new environment, and what you want out of the experience, will dictate the level of success and accomplishment you attain.

The choice and ability to be employed as a teacher, in nearly any country in the world, is at your fingertips with the widespread need and desire for people in foreign countries to learn English as a Second Language (ESL). For me, it was teaching ESL in South Korea - and what a fine choice it turned out to be. Where would you choose?

The fever to learn English has never been stronger throughout the world, and in many countries it is recognized that communication in English is essential to economic prosperity in a global economy.

Foreign teachers have contributed in many ways to this development and success as English skills improve all over the globe, and I sincerely hope that talented university graduates continue to be attracted to teaching opportunities throughout the world.

For over six years I had the incredible fortune and opportunity to experience only a fraction of the infinite benefits teaching abroad has to offer - and to immerse myself in a foreign culture, fully and completely.

In my time abroad I lived, worked, played, traveled, taught, learned, volunteered, and continuously developed a worldwide network of social, business, personal, and professional relationships abroad. Absolutely priceless.

Are you a university graduate? Certified teacher in need of experience? Do you have an outgoing, positive, and optimistic personality? Are you interested in an adventure abroad?

Teaching English abroad is an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life. What are you waiting for????

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