Teacher Interview Questions
Here's How to Answer Them!!

Teacher interview questions and answers, as I discussed on my previous page of interview questions and answers fall into two categories.

1. Knowledge and information based questions that are asked to learn more about your teaching strategies.

2. Personality oriented questions that are designed to understand your teaching philosophies, career goals, etc.

Remember that you are not expected to know everything, but you should know how to get the information. Be honest. Don't guess or provide excuses.

The teacher interview questions and answers on this page deal with the second category of personality oriented questions.

A. Philosophy of Education

Typical Questions:

1. Tell us about yourself.

2. What is your philosophy of education?

3. What makes you a good teacher?

4. What are some of your weaknesses?

5. What attracted you to the profession?

6. Why are you interested in this school (board)?

7. What would you bring to this school?

8. What didn't you like about your last school?

9. Why should we hire you?

Response Structure:

Speak about:

1. Your love and passion for the profession; your positive, enthusiastic attitude; love of students.

2. Your knowledge of the learning process - learning styles, exceptionalities, etc.

3. The teacher role - facilitating, guiding, planning, instructional strategies, management strategies, building community.

4. Your role as a school team-player.

B. Valuing Equity and Diversity

Typical Questions:

1. How would you promote and celebrate diversity in your class?

2. How would you deal with a student who uses derogative, racial slurs?

3. How would you deal with the diverse, cultural and economic backgrounds of the students in our community?

Response Structure:

Speak about:

1. Your recognition of the fact that a classroom reflects the diverse nature of our society, and our country - we respect and are sensitive to differences.

2. The various diversities we encounter- cultural, economic, gender, etc.

3. The need to be sensitive and respectful to all.

C. Contributions to School Community

Typical Questions:

1. How would you be willing to get involved in the school's co-curricular and extra-curricular activities?

Response Structure:

1. Speak to your awareness of the need to enhance and enrich learning by providing students with rich co-curricular opportunities.

2. If you have particular strengths and talents in sports or the arts, highlight them, and show how you can use them effectively in promoting school spirit. Comment on how some students shime more athletically than academically and they too should be recognized.

3. Declare your willingness to participate, organize, and supervise activities outside4 the classroom.

D. Personal Professional Development

Typical Questions:

1. What professional development opportunities would you like to pursue?

2. What books (articles, magazines) related to education have you read recently?

3. What courses have you taken that have made you a better teacher?

4. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

Response Structure:

1. Speak to your awareness of the need for constant professional development. Teachers are life-long learners.

2. Speak to your awareness of the need to keep up with new innovations in education.

3. Describe your desire to pursue additional qualification courses that will make you a better teacher - to continue to be fresh, innovative and connected and not become stale and stagnated.

In responding to these types of questions, remember to sort out the issues, demonstrate your knowledge of policies and procedures, and show that you have communication and conflict-resolution skills.

Always look for opportunities to slide in your personal achievements - situations in which you demonstrated leadership, innovation, team-work.

As I've mentioned, don't be overwhelmed by these teacher interview questions . You can find suggestions to help you out on many of the pages on my website.

If you have a specific question please go to my Contact Me page and I'll try to answer any questions you may have.

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