Smartboard Lesson Plans Are Great for Student Motivation, Guaranteed To Lower Your Stress Levels!!

Develop your smartboard lesson plans using the smartboard, a.k.a the interactive whiteboard - it's one of latest and greatest innovative educational tools of the 21st century!

As a college supervisor I have seen many of my student teachers use a smartboard during their lesson, to encourage student participation and interaction - what a great motivational tool!

The smartboard,is an interactive whiteboard with a touch sensitive display that you connect to your computer and using a projector, the image is projected onto the smartboard display.

The smartboard software is free and runs on either a PC or a MAC. All you need is a projector and the smartboard display, which costs a few thousand dollars.

Very similar to using overheads, flip charts or doing a powerpoint presentation, anything you can do on your computer, you can do with your smartboard but with so many additional features.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Write, draw, erase, manipulate images using the touch sensitive screen.

2. Pens used are multi-coloured or just use your finger to write, draw or drag.

3. Group any objects together and move them around anywhere on the display.

4. Duplicate (clone) any image or group on the display.

5. View and edit powerpoint, excel, word or similar documents. Save any of the images, written text and all other work displayed on the screen onto your computer's hard drive.

6. Integrate audio, video and the Internet into your smartboard lesson plans to reach out to the different learning styles of your students. Create a recording, save it and play it back at any time.

7. The smartboard comes with a gallery of thousands of images for your different lesson plans. For example, for math get images for different shapes, triangles, rectangles, etc., or create your own images and save and reuse them.

8. Many useful tools such as the Smart Slate which allows you move around the classroom, hand the slate to students to demonstrate their knowledge, while their work is projected for students to see.

9. Another useful tool is the Smart Interactive Response System which allows students to simultaneously enter answers to questions as you get an instantaneous poll of responses.

So in a nut shell, the smartboard encourages student collaboration and interaction and is fantastic for student motivation. Your students will be focused and attentive as you go through your lesson. Students also love writing on it to answer questions.

And the best part is that the smartboard allows you the teacher to plan, deliver and revise you lesson material,and therefore developing smartboard lesson plans will reduce your workload and lessen your anxiety and stress level.

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