Parents Calling Me On My Cell Phone

by Saiful

The parent of one of my students pestered me to give them my mobile number. Now both mother and father make calls to find out 'how the child is'.

Help me how to deal with this situation.


Dear Saiful,

I'm sorry that a parent has invaded your own personal space. When you give out your home or cell phone number or your personal email address, that's end of your privacy.

Even when a parent tells you " just for an emergency", what stops that parent from telling another parent and it can snowball from there.

It's imperative that you separate your school life from your personal life when it comes to your students and their parents.

A few options for you to consider:

1. Tell your principal about what's going on and he/she can talk to them and tell them to stop calling you.

2. You can speak to the parents and ask them to stop calling you - be assertive, professional and diplomatic.

3. Change your cell phone number - it may be inconvenient but it may be your best option, as other parents may get your number and call you. Do not give out your new number to any parent.

Good luck and thanks for using my website.

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