Maximize the Potential of Your Students

by Laura
(United Kingdom)

How would you seek to maximize the potential of every child in your class?


Dear Laura,

I feel that it is the teacher's job to know what each individual student's potential and expectations are, and help them to achieve them by the end of the year.

I always had high expectations of my students. However I knew them so well, that I had a different expectation/goal/potential for each one of them.

In order for you to get the most/best out of your students, you and he/she must set some goals. There can be year long goals, monthly, weekly or even daily goals, depending on the individual student of course.

If it is written down and signed and dated by both of you, it is much more effective and productive.

You can even have the students personalize them with stickers, pictures, handwritten or done on the computer.

This "contract" (or whatever you want to call it) can be taped to the top corner of their desk or stapled inside their agenda.

Review it as often as you can with the student privately. And, of course, goals/expectations continually change - perhaps they are too difficult to achieve at the time or have already been achieved.

Once achieved, goals should be acknowledged - whichever way you see fit - privately or let the class know, give out a special certificate, write a note to the parents in the student's agenda, etc., etc.,...

All students want to do well and be proud of themselves - in their eyes, to their peers, parents, and in your eyes as well.

Help them succeed, it's up to you and your student. It's such a "high" when they have reached their goal/expectation. You both feel great inside and out.

Good luck.

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