Looking For A Mentor

by Reza
(Toronto, Ontario)

I was amazed from your website. It has meaningful tips.Currently I live in Toronto and I’m looking for a mentor to answer some questions. It is about finding the resources for creating worksheets, and other materials. I don’t know if you can help me with this.


Dear Reza,

I'm so glad that you realize that you need and want a mentor. Too many new teachers are either too proud or to scared to ask for a mentor. Good for you!

High school is so different on so many levels than elementary school. I'm not familiar with the policies and procedures, so I don't want to suggest or advise as I may misinform you.

I would highly suggest to speak to one of the guidance teachers or your union / federation rep or the head of your department. The first two you can speak to in confidence and hopefully they can connect you with a staff member that you can connect with.

Good luck and thanks for using my website.

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