Follow My Lesson Plan Format
For Effective & Successful Lessons!!

Teachers need to have and follow a lesson plan format! As a teacher, you will be writing lesson plans that you will be referring to throughout each day, 5 days a week.

For each lesson, you have to keep in mind and incorporate the following:

* Motivation - engage and connect with your students. Read my page on student motivation to get some great ideas.

* Model the concept being taught through demonstration or discussion.

* Apply guided practice - This is two fold:

1. Discussion with the whole class - orally or using anchor charts or summing up what was taught.

2. Students working in groups, share/pair (you as the teacher scaffolding the students) - this part may not be implemented in each lesson - it depends on what is being taught.

* Summation - summing up what has transpired and possibly some sharing of ideas.

* Independent work - students applying what they have learned - some type of assignment or seat work or homework.

* Accommodations - for particular students - modifying their work load, providing added support or enrichment activities or any other considerations that apply towards your students and/or the lesson you have just taught.

I realize that this may appear to be a lot to incorporate into your teacher lesson plans, but after a while it will become second nature to you.

Another important thing to always remember is that effective time management in the classroom is important for delivering successful lessons. Be sure to read my page on classroom time management .

Now obviously, the grade you are teaching, your students' attention span, and the subject matter must all be taken into account.

Primary students (K-3) have a shorter attention span and can't sit as long as the older ones (usually). You are the one that knows your students the best. When you see them becoming restless, distracted or perhaps disruptive, the lesson may be too long or boring.

Sooo take a 30 second stretch or wrap it up and continue on another day or time. You worked hard writing lesson plans, so you sure don't want your time and effort falling by the wayside.

I know that there is a h-u-g-e amount to consider - your lesson plan format, elementary lesson plans, time management, your students, the curriculum, yada, yada, yada.

But seriously, later on, you won't be stressed over it and you'll just do it. And what a rewarding experience you will have, believe me!!!

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