Know The Different Learning Types And
Get The Best From Your Students!

Recognizing the different student learning types and their personality traits can be very useful in helping you steer students towards a programme or activity that suits them best, where they can shine and succeed.

On this page I am going to list various learning/personality types, describe some of their characteristics and provide several suggested careers for each type:

1. Word Smart (Verbal-Linguistic Type)

* Good at reading, writing, telling stories, memorizing words and dates.

* Good at explaining and teaching.

* Learns best by reading,taking notes, listening to lectures.

* Learns foreign languages easily.

* Enjoys word games.

* Careers: witers, lawyers, teachers, journalists.

2. Number Smart (Logical-Mathematical Type)

* Good at logic, problem solving, figuring out patterns

* Prefers working with numbers, experiments and solving mathematical problems

* Learns best by classifying and categorizing information

* Likes to play games that involve strategy

* Careers: scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, computer programmers.

3. Picture Smart (Visual-Spatial Learning Type)

* Very good at visualizing objects.

* Often good at art.

* Has good imagination.

* Learns through visual presentations & demonstrations involving models and props.

* Enjoys puzzles.

* Careers: artists, engineers, architects.

4. Body Smart (Bodily-Kinesthetic Type)

* Good at physical activities, e.g. sports or dance.

* Likes activities that use movement.

* Enjoys performing or acting.

* Good at building and making things

* Learns best by physically doing something.

* Careers: athletes, dancers, actors, comedians, builders.

5. Music Smart (Musical-Rhythmic Type)

* Able to hear rhythms, sound and music.

* Able to sing, play instruments and compose music.

* May work well with music in the background.

* Learns best through lecture.

* Often uses songs or rhythms to learn and memorize information.

* Careers: musicians, singers, conductors, composers

6. People Smart (Interpersonal Type)

* Enjoys interacting and communicating with people.

* Enjoys discussion and debate.

* Learns best by working with others.

* Careers: sales, politicians, managers, teachers, social workers.

7. Self Smart (Intrapersonal Type)

* Prefers to work alone.

* Able to understand their own emotions, goals and motivations.

* Learns best when able to concentrate by themselves.

* Can be a perfectionist

* Careers: psychologists, writers, scientists.

8. Nature Smart (Naturalistic Type)

* Has to do with nature, nurturing, relating information to their natural surroundings

* Has greater sensitivity to nature

* Able to grow things

* Good with animals

* Learns best when it involves collecting, analyzing or has to do with nature.

* Careers: scientists, gardeners, farmers.

I'm sure you can see yourself in one or more of these learning types. As a matter of fact, most people have a combination of 2 or more personality types. However one is usually much stronger and more pronounced.

Hopefully for now, some of these personality descriptions can help you address certain students.

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