Lack of Respect For Teachers

by Veronique
(United Kingdom)

I need to complain about students lack of respect for teachers and parents making making unproven accusations based on past history.


Dear Veronique,

I feel badly for you. I know the feeling when parents and their children are ganging up on you and you have no where to turn and don't know what to do.

A few questions pop into my head:

1. Do you have the support of your principal or VP?
2. Have you spoken to other staff members to see if these parents have accused other teachers?
3. Do you have a Federation or union rep. to speak to in confidence about the situation and ask for advice?
4. Can you change schools if the situation is that bad?

Years ago parents held teachers in the highest regard and it was the child's fault "What did you do in the classroom to your teacher?"

Now, the child can run home and cry wolf and blame the teacher for whatever reason. Then the parents are at the front door of the principal's office, screaming " What has THAT teacher done to my child?!"

If you have a very supportive principal or VP you're quite lucky and they will back you up. But, if not, sometimes it's sink or swim.

You haven't given me to much to go on, but, I hope I have given you some food for thought.

I just hope you don't become jaded and bitter. In any profession there will be those who complain and bitch about anything and everything.

Teaching is a wonderful profession. Just try not to think about all the craziness.

I hope you have the strength, courage and wisdom to rise above this and move on.

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