Kindergarten Lessons - Strategies To Get Childrens' Education Started Right!!

The kindergarten lessons' strategies described below cover, what I believe are two of the most important aspects for young students to start their education with.

They are:

1. Numeracy/Mathematics

2. Oral Language and Literacy.

Math is a major subject that needs a lot of time and concentration. When planning numerous kindergarten math activities as part of your kindergarten math lessons, a variety of suggestions come to mind:

* Provide children with access to many different types of math manipulatives. Be sure to read my page on math teaching strategies where I go into more detail on various types of math manipulatives.

* Use rhymes and songs to support the understanding of math concepts.

* Allow children to show their understanding of numbers by making models, drawing, writing, etc. Visuals are extremely important.

* Encourage students to use problem solving activities and discuss their thinking.

* Read books aloud to the children that describe math concepts.

* Incorporate math concepts within the different learning centers.

Here are some teaching strategies for you to incorporate into your oral language and literacy kindergarten lessons.

* Use songs, rhymes and poems to develop childrens' phonic and vocabulary skills.

* In reading, use a combination of reading aloud to children, shared reading, as well as independent reading. Do this on a daily basis.

* You can also use guided reading with very small groups of 1 -3 children. For more info on guided reading strategies read my page on elementary reading strategies.

* In writing, allow your children to express their ideas through painting, drawing and writing.

* Use a balanced approach to writing; i.e. modeled writing and/or shared and interactive writing used on a daily basis.

* In kindergarten, children do not use traditional worksheets or copying, they print their own material through modeling of the teacher.

* Provide children with a wide selection of books, from easy reading books, favourite stories, rhymes and poems.

As an example, students can become involved in a "Bookbag program", where each day they take home a little book to share with their parents. They return it the next day and are then able to take out a new book.

This is very dependent on parental support. Most parents welcome this program and find it very beneficial as far as developing their child's interest in reading and reading skills. This is kind of like kindergarten homework.

Each year, try to order new books (both fiction and non-fiction) in an effort to add on to what you already have.

To find out about some great reading resources, please click on my page on kindergarten teaching.

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