Do You Know Why and
How To Write Lesson Plans?

How to write lesson plans is kind of a personal thing - up to the individual teacher.

Even the way you set up your day book is unique and different from other staff members in your school. You need to set it up the way that is best for you, what you are comfortable with. So before you consider writing lesson plans, you have to decide on the format of your day book.

As I mentioned on my main page on elementary teacher lesson plans , I personally preferred looking at the whole week - Monday to Friday - two 8 1/2 x 11 page sheets with the days of the week, the times, all the subjects including recess, lunch and remedial time (after school help).

Other teachers prefer one page per day with subjects and times on the page, already typed. Then there are schools that don't go by day of the week, Monday through Friday, but by Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc. Have a look at my sample elementary lesson plan templates at the bottom of the page.

Once you have decided on your lesson plan format, then you can consider how to write lesson plans for yourself and your students.

Now remember that everyone is different and you can speak to 10 people and you'll get 10 different ways of how they write their lesson plans. Only you know yourself - decide what's best for you!

When I was writing lesson plans, I was sure to make them very detailed for several reasons;

1. In my school board you had to have 3 days planned before leaving each night.

2. For some subjects such as Art, Gym, Music, Health, I wrote several days or a week ahead, so that when I actually taught the lesson (written in detail), I knew what to teach and didn't have to wing it. Kids can always tell when you are not fully prepared and sometimes take advantage.

3. If I had a substitute teacher unexpectedly (got sick the night before), they could follow the lesson plan easily and you won't have to worry about faxing or emailing the lessons to the school.

4. Other teachers may just write down a line or page number beside the subject name and that's fine for them. However having spent some time as a substitute/supply/occasional teacher, that is not fine for sure. As a substitute you may not know what the teacher means and can't teach the lesson (with the older kids, I just ask them, but you can't always do that).

5. Some new or inexperience teachers feel that it's not necessary to have lesson plans, because they know what they're doing. To me, that's just a disaster waiting to happen.

6. Even after teaching for over 30 years, how to write lesson plans is crucial to learn and perfect as you go on and gain experience. You can refer back to your lesson plans as the year progresses, writing notes in the margin (e.g. too easy a lesson, difficult concept- 2 day lesson, do later on in the year).

7. Also, if you teach the same grade the following year or a few years later, your day book lesson plans will be a great resource and if detailed enough, they will be beneficial to you again.

Why do I think writing good lesson plans is crucial to be successful as a teacher?

1. You will be very organized.

2. You will be well prepared.

3. Your students will learn a lot better and a lot more.

4. Your programme will run smoother and you'll follow the curriculum properly.

5. Your students may be better behaved - less issues.

6. Modifications or accommodations can be written in your lesson plans.

7. You will be happier which leads to a more positive learning environment.

You may find it a lot of work at the beginning; however, when you learn how to write lesson plans, what a load off your mind and a joy to teach your students and isn't it what that's all about anyway?

Elementary Lesson Plan Templates

A good elementary lesson plan template is a necessity for your daily or weekly activities!

If you go into various classrooms in a school, you will see a different lesson plan format from each teacher. Whether they use a daily lesson plan or weekly lesson plan, their lesson plan forms will be different as well as similar.

On this page I have provided links to four sample lesson plan templates. Just click on the lesson plan template you want to see. The template will display in a new window for you.

Two of the lesson plan templates are daily plans and two are weekly plans, one of which is the one that I liked to use.

Hopefully , looking at each of my sample lesson plan templates, will give you some ideas about how to write lesson plans of your own.

1. Daily Lesson Plan - Sample 1.

2. Daily Lesson Plan - Sample 2.

3. Weekly Lesson Plan - Sample 3.

4. Honey's Weekly Lesson Plan - Sample 4.

If you have one of your own effective and successful lesson plan templates, I'd love to see it and possibly include it on this page. Please use the form below to send it to me.

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