Incorporate Your Elementary Health Lesson Plans While Teaching Other Subjects!!

Elementary health lesson plans are an area that I get frequent questions about since health education in school has become an important subject in school and is part and parcel with Physical Education.

Be sure to check out my page on physical education activities for some great ideas for physical education lesson plans.

You can divide your health lesson plans into various units. I have taught lessons about nutrition, hygiene, student self esteem, teeth, all about me, etc.

1. Nutrition lesson plans can consist of the 4 major food groups, organic foods,eating habits, food flyers, restaurant eating. Depending on what grade you teach and the amount of time you have, you can really make this unit as extensive as you wish.

2. Hygiene lesson plans can obviously become quite personal, so be careful as it can be quite sensitive to certain students, especially if you teach the higher grades. This can also be extended in school manners as well.

The younger you are in learning how to take care of yourself can mean the more physically and mentally fit you are later in life.

3. Student Self Esteem - I really do believe that this is an extremely crucial unit to teach at any grade level. Be sure to read my page for some creative and valuable suggestions. Also on this page I discuss "All About Me" and the different activities incorporated with this topic.

4. Another unit that you can plan to teach related to health lesson plans is a unit on teeth.

Some ideas for teeth lesson plans can involve the parts of a tooth, primary and adult teeth, diseases, the tooth fairy (why not), and if you can sweet talk a local dentist to come and talk to your kids and give them a new toothbrush, that would be a bonus. This topic can also be tied to hygiene lesson plans.

Elementary health lesson plans can be integrated into other subjects. For instance:

A. Nutrition Lesson Plans with Math - in groups of 3 or 4 students, each group has several food flyers pretending to have $100 to buy for for a week.

B. Art - creating posters to promote student self esteem or some concept about your hygiene lesson plans.

C. Science - some topics in this subject can be linked to Health - The Human Body (Nutrition ), Light (Eyes) and Sound (Ears).

Hopefully, I have inspired you to teach this given you many ideas on elementary health lesson plans. It's not a topic that you should ignore just because there isn't a lot of information in the school curriculum.

Your students need to be taught these concepts and may thank you in the end!

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