Being a Substitute Teacher Is Not Easy

by Jennifer

Sometimes I get to the school where I'm substituting for the day, getting there just on time or a few minutes early.

Looking over the teacher's lesson plans (day book) for the day, I realize that the first lesson(math for example), has an activity sheet for students to complete that has to be photocopied. The morning bell has gone off and the students are coming into the classroom.

Does it really matter when I teach the different lessons throughout the day?


Jennifer, I personally am pretty flexible, as many teachers are. As a teacher you need to be flexible.

So, as long as you teach and complete all the lessons that the teacher planned for that day, you're fine. If you do have to switch lessons around, teach each lesson for the specified length of time.

But, really do your best to stick to the day schedule, as it is already disruptive enough when the teacher is away. You are there to do the best job you can.

P.S. Most teachers do appreciate it when the substitute (supply) teacher leaves a short note, letting them know how the day went, everything that was covered and any behavioral problems that occurred in the classroom.

Being an effective substitute teacher is not easy! Be sure to read my tips for substitute teachers page and you'll be sure to have a productive and enjoyable day.

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