Art Education Lesson Plans Made Easy - Follow My Suggestions!!

Art education lesson plans is an area that many new and inexperienced teachers have trouble planning.

Art lesson plans don't have to be complicated and often they can be integrated into another subject, e.g. Social Studies, Math or Literacy/Language Arts, - but more about that later.

I often taught monthly art themes. I also scheduled my art lessons on a day that I didn't have preparation/planning time.

Never plan to teach art on a Friday afternoon. You'll never get any quality work from your students. Then you have to wait until Monday to put up the art or some students will not be finished and will have to continue the following week if there's time.

Here are a few monthly themes that I used for my art lesson plans or that you can use as elementary school art projects:

1. Halloween art activities - masks, scenes of haunted house, stain glass windows, black magic, etc.

2. Christmas/Holiday art activities - cards, homemade presents, decorations, etc.

3. Valentine art activities - cards, homemade presents, etc.

For your art lesson plans you need some school art supplies like these:

1. crayons, markers, crayola markers, pastels - chalk & oil.

2. Paper - construction, tissue, wallpaper, folding, weaving.

3. Paint - water colours, acrylic, primary and secondary colours.

Earlier I mentioned integrating art work with other subjects, so here are some suggested art education lesson plans in several subject areas:

1. Literacy/Language Arts

* Draw your favourite character and/or scene from the chapter or novel that you're reading.

* Mobiles - making objects to represent a character or even the student.

* Diaramas - using a shoebox (always a big hit) - creating a scene from a part in the novel.

2. Social Studies

* Draw a scene, e.g. pioneers, medieval times.

* Create a diarama.

* Create a map.

3. Math

* Create a design, character, scene using geometric shapes.

* Create a design using only lines.

4. Science

* Draw a diagram of an experiment done in the class.

Once you start thinking about this, the list can go on and on and on. All you need is a little imagination and creativity. I often ask my students as they usually come up with some interesting ideas as well.

Hopefully, I have given you some useful suggestions to plan your art education lesson plans and you can even use these creative ideas for your back to school art activities.

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