I trust you all had a relaxing and enjoyable winter break (which seems like eons ago)and unbelievably January is over and you are counting the days to your March/spring break.

However, before that ... those dreaded report cards and perhaps, parent interviews!

But, ... forget that for now, as I'm focusing on something else in this newsletter ... multiple intelligence and different types of difficult students and parents.

I am going to list multiple intelligences and some of their characteristics. Often, when you recognize the different personality traits, you can steer that student(s) towards a programme or activity that suits them best, where they can shine and succeed.

1. Word Smart (Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence)

* good at reading, writing, telling stories, memorizing words and dates

* learns foreign languages easily

* enjoys word games

2. Number Smart (Logical-Mathematical Intelligence)

* good at logic, problem solving, figuring out patterns

* learns best by classifying and categorizing information

* likes to play games that involve strategy

3. Picture Smart (Visual-Spatial Intelligence)

* learns through visual presentations & demonstrations involving models and props

* has good imagination

* enjoys puzzles

4. Body Smart (Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence)

* good at physical activities, e.g. sports or dance

* good at building and making things

* enjoy performing or acting

5. Music Smart (Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence)

* may work well with music in the background

* able to sing, play instruments and compose music

* learns best through lecture

6. People Smart (Interpersonal Intelligence)

* enjoys interacting and communicating with people

* enjoys discussion and debate

7. Self Smart (Intrapersonal Intelligence)

* prefers to work alone

* can be a perfectionist

8. Nature Smart (Naturalistic Intelligence)

* has to do with nature, nurturing, relating information to their natural surroundings

* able to grow things

* good with animals

I'm sure you can see yourself in one or more intelligences. As a matter of fact, most people have a combination of 2 or more multiple inteligences. However one is usually much stronger and more pronounced.

Please stay tuned as I will have a page with a more detailed description of each intelligence and suggested careers on my website in the near future.

Hopefully for now, some of these personality descriptions can help you address certain students.

Now dealing with difficult students and parents is a whole different ballgame. Next month my newsletter will discuss the characteristics of these difficult personalities and how to deal with them. For now please be sure to read my page on dealing with difficult parents.

Also with Valentine's Day fas approaching please try out some of my valentine classroom party ideas.

Happy trails,


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