A Report Card Template Can Be a Very Valuable Teacher Tool!!

I'm sure you would agree that a report card template that provides teachers with a list of useful phrases, describing learning skills that are typically included as part of their report card comments, can be a very valuable tool to have.

So here are my suggested report template comments.

1. Independent Work

* Completes tasks and assignments on time and with care.

* Accepts responsibility for own behavior.

* Follows routines and instructions without supervision.

* Identifies and pursues learning goals and tasks independently.

* Responds and participates in a variety of learning activities.

* Selects learning materials, resources, and activities independently.

* Persists with tasks.

* Adheres to established time lines.

2. Initiative

* Approaches new learning situations with confidence.

* Demonstrates a positive attitude towards learning.

* Seeks assistance when necessary.

* Seeks challenges and takes risks.

* Observes, questions and explores.

* Seeks additional and new information from library books, the internet, and other resources.

* Generates questions for further inquiry.

* Investigates and obtains information independently.

3. Homework Completion (work habits)

Homework is always an issue. Use some of the positive comments from this section of the report card template.

* Puts forth a consistent effort.

* Demonstrates interest in and enthusiasm for homework assignments.

* Begins work promptly and uses time efficiently.

* Follows direction and completes homework on time and with care.

* Shows attention to detail.

* Perseveres with complex projects that require sustained effort.

* Attends to the task at hand.

* Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability.

4. Use of Information

* Considers all information and alternatives before reaching a conclusion.

* Organizes information logically and creatively and manages it effectively.

* Uses information -retrieval technology effectively.

* Gathers information effectively, using a variety of techniques and sources.

* Shows regard for accuracy in analysing and evaluating information.

* Demonstrates creativity in assessing information and ideas and draws relevant conclusions.

* Asks questions to clarify meaning and ensure understanding.

* Recognizes when assignments and projects would benefit from additional information and identifies the type of information needed.

5. Goal Setting To Improve Work (with assistance, with peers, independently)

* Identifies specific steps or actions needed to reach goals or improve.

* Identifies and pursues goals independently.

* Uses others' comments to improve work and monitor learning.

* Assesses own work.

* Evaluates own success in reaching goals.

* Identifies strengths and areas for improvement in own work.

* Perseveres to achieve goals.

* Revises goals or steps and strategies when necessary.

* Accepts comments on performance from others.

Bullying is such a hot topic these days. Hopefully you'll find the next four sections beneficial for your report card template to initiate a warm, caring, and supportive learning environment.

6. Co-operation With Others

* Listens to, acknowledges and considers differing opinions.

* Respects the rights, property and opinions of others.

* Works and plays co-operatively with others.

* Willingly works with others and takes turns.

* Follows classroom and school rules and routines.

* Assumes responsibilities in groups, the classroom, and the school.

* Volunteers, always willing to help others.

* Considers both the immediate and long-term effects of his or her actions on others.

* Establishes positive relationships with peers and adults.

* Responds and is sensitive to the needs and welfare of others.

7. Conflict Resolution

* Resolves conflicts in socially acceptable ways.

* Resolves conflicts when they occur and can do so independently.

* Mediates differences of opinion.

* Assists others to resolve conflicts appropriately.

* Listens to understand conflicts before acting or offering a resolution.

* Seeks positive solutions to conflicts.

* Helps the group to identify and use strategies for conflict resolution.

8. Class Participation

* Participates in class and group activities.

* Contributes to co-operative problem solving.

* Listens to teacher's instructions and others without interrupting.

* Accepts various roles within the class and group, including leadership roles.

* Accepts a share of the work to be done.

* Helps to motivate others and encourages others to participate.

* Contributes information and ideas to the class and group.

* Shows respect for the ideas of others in the class and group.

* Recognizes contributions of group members through encouragement, support or praise.

* Shares responsibility for difficulties encountered during an activity.

9. Problem Solving

* Devises a plan to solve the problem.

* Applies successful strategies to new problems.

* Applies logic to solving problems.

* Solves problems independently.

* Carries out the plan - follows through.

* Evaluates the plan, solution, or result.

* Devises alternative solutions or ways of solving a problem.

* Develops original ideas and creative approaches to solve problems.

Good luck with writing your report card comments. I hope this report card template will assist you in composing your learning skills comments.

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